About The Founder

Tamara Motley is a mom first and a humanitarian and business women 2nd. Born in Steubenville, Ohio and raised in Virginia Beach, Va. Tamara is a seasoned professional in the area of medical products and services.

She learned a lot while studying psychology and political science at UCLA and Cal State LA, but most of her experience comes from hands on work with patients and medical facilities.


She started her career in the medical field as the director of marketing for Pacific Hospice in Atlanta, GA. and after a few years she transfered to the San Bernardino/Los Angeles satellite office.

Where she was very successful. After noticing the needs of her patients she became aware of the medical products that where used to assist in patient mobility and started her own business in durable medical equipment.

After watching two family members struggle with breast cancer she guided her business more toward selling post masectomy and post surgical garments products.

Tamara is well known internationally, she enjoys traveling to different countries with her family and even getting involved where she sees unconceivable hardships amongst fellow human beings.

She is a big advocate for sickle cell anemia in west Africa where they carry more than half the worlds population of the illness.

Tamara is also an advocate for prenatal care in Africa where the infant mortality rate is extremely high.

She works with the women there to educate them on how important prenatal care is to a healthy child. The compassion she has for these and many other issues worldwide is an indication that she can never live without helping her neighbor.